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Which bottle do I need for my weed burner?

Which bottle do I need for my weed burner?

There are many types of gas cylinders bearing universal and unique cylinder connections. For weed burners that have a direct connection to the gas cylinder weed burner, there are two types. The so-called threaded connection and the so-called 'click' connection. In many cases, it is the well-known screw thread or the "click" type of connection.

Gas bottle with click connection.
This is only used in the known Kinzo weed burner. Kinzo has its own unique cylinder connection. This means you have depends on the gas bottles with a capacity of 227 grams and equipped with the click cylinder connection. The bottle has a round terminal containing a cove. This cove is exactly into the Kinzo weed burner. These sticks easily in order to be put in place, then with a quarter-turn twist. See shown below.

Gas bottle with threaded connection.
The other weed burners (weed burners that are directly connected to a gas cylinder, so no gas hose) are provided with a terminal with threaded connection. Referred to as 7/16 "(EN417) - brass threaded connection. These gas cylinders are like the gas cylinders for the Kinzo weed burner, provided with a valve. It opens automatically when the gas cylinder attached / will be put onto the weed burner. In this case, when the threaded connection, the cylinder is pivotally connected to all of the weed burner. Once this is almost fixed, the valve pressed and the gas is passed to the weed burner. So no gas is wasted unnecessarily.

Gas bottle for the larger weed burners equipped with a gas hose.
The larger weed burners which are not provided with a gas cylinder direct connection, be by means of a gas hose attached to a gas cylinder. These cylinders are available in various sizes with a capacity of 5, 10, 11 or more kilos. The type of gas is propane, butane or propane and butane are in the mix. LPG and natural gas are not recommended. These gas cylinders should be provided with a so-called Shell / Dinn gas valve (see pictured below) The gas valve has a buitendraads, left-handed threaded connection. Since the gas bottle contains a high-pressure gas, it is in most cases of interest that there is first connected to a pressure regulator word to the gas bottle. This pressure regulator ensures that the correct amount of gas is passed to the burner of weeds. To this gas hose is then connected to the gas tube to which the end of the weed burner is connected. (These cylinders are available from manned stations, hardware stores and other related gaswinkels)

Hose break safety
As an option there is between the pressure regulator and gas hose to put a hose rupture protection. This rupture protection make sure, at breaks in the hose, the gas supply is closed. A fracture may indeed soon arise due to wear or if the hose is sanded or somewhere along the burner accidentally ended up on the hose while it is hot or turned on. The rupture protection is HERE to view / order.
Moving simple cylinder with the gas cylinder trolley.
For simple moving cylinders have cylinder trolley's available. These can be found on our website (click HERE ). With a gas cylinder trolley, take the simple bottle with you during the work. Because of this you do not need to move the cylinder. Very useful, this easily saves a lot of heavy lifting.

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