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What is Piezo ignition?

What is Piezo ignition?

Gas weed burners are available with and without piezo ignition. If a weed burner is equipped with a piezo ignition, keep this in that the user of this weed burner weed burner very easy to operate. The Piezo ignition is in fact a part of the weed burner. The inflammation is located on one of the three spots. namely; close to the handle, in the middle of the lance, or close to the burner head. The piezo ignition consists of a plastics push button. Once the plastic button is pressed, creates an electric shock. This shock is displayed in the lance or at the burner. This of course without receiving a shock itself. When opening the gas supply, and then pressing the piezo button, the resulting electric spark will ignite the gas and thus draw in the operation burner. The use of a lighter or similar is not necessary. Very handy. Curious about our range of gas weed burners fitted with Piezo ignition? Watch this HERE.

Features Piezo ignition

Piezo ignition consists of three different types of materials. Namely: piezoelectric crystal, metal and plastic. Plastic is used for the push-button. Plastic led power. This allows the piezo ignition can be produced safely. This without the user runs the risk of electric shock. To these plastics push-button is located a metal part. This metal part comes when the plastic button is pressed to short against the piezo crystal.

Life Piezo ignition.

The lifetime of a Piezo ignition is dependent on the quality of the piezoelectric crystal. The quality of the piezoelectric crystal is usually to be determined on the basis of the price / quality ratio. Professional brands such as Gloria and CFH are 100% for a good quality product. Here is also paid for. The quality of these products are good. The quality of these piezo inflammations are therefore of good quality. On the basis of the intensity on its use, it is difficult to specify how many years goes along a piezo ignition. For some normal daily use and for other normal usage monthly. A piezo ignition should last several years at normal weekly use. So if the piezoelectric crystal is of good quality, and it is kept in a dry room. Saving the weed burner is therefore strongly discouraged in wet areas. Both the weed burner as the Piezo crystal can not stand here. This shortens the life of the burner and piezo ignition.

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