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How does an infrared gas weed burner work? Check out the information here

Operation of an infrared gas weed burner
With infrared gas weed burner, we fight the weed by means of infrared heat. This infrared heat is generated by gas. With the traditional gas weed burner there is a burner head where open fire is coming out. With an infrared gas weed burner there is a ceramic burner bottom. This ceramic burner bottom developed a high infrared heat. Through the ceramic burner bottom there is an optimal and energy efficient burner bottom. This burner bottom is heated. There is no open fire, which allows precise and safe work. The heat is only below the bottom plate because no open flame is present. This makes it possible to work precisely. Also weeds along hedges and fences can easily be combated.

The infrared gas weed burners are available in models with automatic or manual ignition. Once the burner has been put into operation, a smooth movement (only a few centimeters above the weed) is sufficient. The weeds should only be exposed to this high temperature for a few seconds. As a result, the cells of the weed burst, so that it will die. In large weeds weeds, the ceramic burner bottom can be kept on the weed for a little longer. If the weeds return, this procedure can be repeated. This also causes the root to be depleted and will die. New weed seeds are burned at the same time, giving them no chance of germination.

Maximum result
In order to achieve the maximum result, it is important to fight the weeds on the days when it is dry. As a result, the weed can not be fed by moisture. Preferably the sun may also shine for a super fast result. Nevertheless, the weeds will be dying immediately after treatment within two days.

Infrared gas weed burner is energy efficient so very ecological
An infrared gas weed burner is economical in use. This compared to a standard gas weed burner where open fire is present. To take an example;
The Infraweeder Lady works on average 330 hours on a gas bus of 330 grams. A standard weed burner that also connects to a 330 gram gas bus works on average for two hours. Almost double as economical.

Advantages of infrared gas weed burner
- Very effective / best result
- Powerful than an electric weed burner
- Large offer, very accessible, there is already a model available from 219 euro.
- Motion freedom, not dependent on electrical extension cords.
- Heat adjustable
- Safe working, no open flame only heat under the ceramic burner bottom
- Very low gas consumption, which is very economical

Disadvantages of infrared gas weed burner
- Depending on gas
- For larger models, larger gas bottle needs to be moved.

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