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How does a weed burner work on gas? Check out the infromation here

Gason herb brothers are the first weed burners that were available on the market. Still, this is the most popular weed burner. This is because a gingerbread burner works very efficiently and quickly. Nevertheless, an electric weed burner is recommended. Would you like more information about the electric weed burner? Then click HERE . As far as the gas weed burners are concerned, we will highlight a few topics below.

Operation of a gas weed burner
With a gas weed burner, remove weeds by means of a flame. This flame is created by gas. The flame has a temperature of 1000 to 2000 degrees. Temperature is dependent on the model of spice burner. The weed burner enables you to connect the weed burner to the gas bottle. More information about connecting a gas bottle can be found on our information page "Connecting Gas Bottle" (click HERE ). Once the gas bottle is connected, open the gas supply. The gas supply is in most cases at the weed burner handle (rotary knob). Then you ignite the gas. If the burner burner is equipped with piezo ignition, this can be easily achieved by the piezo ignition. (Click HERE for more information on piezo ignition) If the weed burner is not equipped with piezo ignition, it can be lit manually with a lighter, for example. The weed burner has now been put into operation. Only heat the weeds for a few seconds. This is done simply by keeping the burner head a few centimeters above the weed and heating it only a few seconds. By using a smooth movement as it were, heating the weed is already sufficient. Due to this short-lived heating the weed is exposed to a short heat wave. This caused the weed cells to open, after which they will dry out and die. If the stubborn weed is concerned, this action can be repeated. As a result, the root will be exhausted and the weeds will still die. More actions than this are not. Removing weeds with a weed burner is therefore very easy: Only heat for a few seconds.

Optimal operation of spice burner
To achieve the maximum result it is important to fight weeds on days when it is dry. When weeding weed with a weed burner on damp days, the weed is fed by moisture after treatment. This makes it possible for the weeds to bloom again. Therefore, we prefer to burn the weeds on days when it is dry and preferably when the sun shines.

Advantages of gas weed burner
- Very effective / best result
- Powerful than an electric weed burner
- Large / wide offer. A model available to all
- Multifunctional. Also suitable as a barbecue lighter, the fired stove / fireplace and thawing of pipes.
- Freedom of movement. Not dependent on extension cord as with electric burners.
- Heat setting and flame size adjustable

Disadvantages of gas weed burner
- Depending on gas
- With the larger burners; Large gas bottle to be moved

Our top three gas weed burners
These top three are compiled by and based on customer experiences.
1. CFH PZ9000 gas weed burner with piezo ignition + two free gas bottles Click HERE

Explanation: Ergonomic model! Length 93 cm. You do not have to bend. Weighs only 505 grams and features unique powerful turbo flame and piezo ignition.
2. Eurom Weedburner XXL with 5 meter gas hose, pressure regulator and piezo ignition click HERE
Explanation: Large weed burner. Comes complete with 5 meter rubber gas hose and pressure regulator. Equipped with piezo ignition
3. Kinzo Weed Burner SET With Four Gas Bottles Click HERE
Explanation: Cheap weed burner, complete with four gas bottles. Burner with piezo ignition. Burner is light in weight. Minus point Only 80 cm long.

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