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How do I connect a gas cylinder?

Weed Burners that operate on gas, should be provided with a gas cylinder. This gas bottle should be filled with the type of gas to be propane, butane or propane and butane in the mix. Below we explain each type of bottle to how it can be connected to a weed burner. The first category we hereby proceed to inform the weed burners that are connected directly to the cylinder. In the paragraph below, we explain how to weed burners, which are provided to be connected with a hose, a gas cylinder.

Gas weed burner with direct connection to gas cylinder
There are two types of gas connectors herein. Nine of the ten types of gas canisters connect the weed burner and the gas cylinder by means of a threaded connection. The other model (for the Kinzo weed burner) is connected by means of a so-called click system.

Gasonkruidbrander connection with threaded connection.
This category weed burners make use of the so-called threaded connection. This means that the relevant gas cylinder very simple, while turning on the connecting valve can be placed. This is absolutely secure. Because the gas bottles are provided with a valve, no gas is lost hereby. Once the bottle is opened tightened the valve and gives it access to the weed burner. If you would unscrew the bottle again, the valve closes so that the gas cylinder is not empty and the gas cylinder with any gas content can be stored.

Gasonkruidbrander connection with snap.
This concerns only the Kinzo weed burner. Kinzo uses their own unique cylinder connection. When purchasing a Kinzo weed burner, you are so wholly dependent on the Kinzo cylinders. These are available in fewer outlets. offer this cylinder or 365 days a year. The gas cylinder has, as indicated earlier, a so-called click connection. At the head of the cylinder, when valve is mounted around a part. This is the port. This round portion has an inlet. This cove is exactly matching the Kinzo weed burner. By using this stabbing in there and the cylinder a quarter turn, is fixed to the cylinder and open the valve. As a result, the gas has access to the burner. Disconnect the gas cylinder of the Kinzo weed burner, close the valve and the gas will not run out of gas cylinder.

Connection gas weed burners with gas hose.
The large gasonkruidbranders can be connected by means of a gas hose at a large gas bottle. For example, a gas bottle of 5 kg, 10 kg or greater. Be careful, the kind of bottle you needed. For the right cylinder, we refer you to our information; "Which bottle" click HERE. When purchasing a weed burner is advisable to get it to pay attention to or supplied with gas hose and pressure regulator. In most cases, this type of gas weed burners standard with a five-meter hose. A pressure regulator is required in most cases. This is not at all times come along. Though these are sold separately and come to order. (See HERE offer individual pressure regulators) This pressure regulator ensures that the correct amount of gas allowed to get the weed burner. Since there is an enormous pressure on the gas cylinder, a pressure regulator in most weed burners needed. The connection is as follow; cylinder connected thereto with the pressure regulator. The gas hose is connected to the pressure regulator end. The gas tube is then connected to the weeds burner.

Hose break safety
As an option there is between the pressure regulator and gas hose to put a hose rupture protection. This rupture protection make sure that any rupture in the hose will shut off the gas supply. A fracture may indeed soon arise due to wear or the hose is sanded somewhere along or that reaches the burner accidentally hose while it is hot or turned on. The rupture protection is HERE to view / order.

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