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CFH PA079 Professional weed burner with 5 meter gas hose
PA079 Professional weed burner with 5 meter gas hose €49,90 €69,95

CFH PA079 Professional weed burner with 5 meter gas hose

€69,95 €49,90
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Article number: PA079
EAN: 4001845520797
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CFHÂ PA079 Professional weed burner with 5 meter gas hose

CFH weed burners are high-quality products. Within this line, CFH has a professional weed burner: the CFH PA079. This is comparable to, for example, the ST1000 and GV900 model. However, the big difference is that this CFH PA079 is equipped with an extra adjustable gas regulator. With the handle (like the ST1000 & GV900) there is a gas regulator. In addition to this standard gas regulator, this model has an extra precise gas regulator. With this extra gas regulator, the amount of gas can be set very precisely. Furthermore, this CFH ST2000 is equipped with a professional rubber gas hose with a length of 5 meters. This gas hose has an extra long life and is extra flexible. This makes it pleasant to work with respect to a stiff rubber hose. The weed burner can easily be lit with the aid of a lighter. By putting the weed burner on the energy saving mode, a pilot light is created and the weed burner can be lit safely and simply. As soon as the handle is squeezed, the set flame size comes out. In addition, a deposit holder is also supplied separately. This is mounted on the lance with one screw. This allows the weed burner to be safely stored even if the burner head is still hot. With this weed burner, the weeds need only be heated for a few seconds. A smooth movement can already be sufficient. This bursts the cells and the weeds will die off.

Technical data:

- Brand: CFH
- Type: Â Gas weed burner
- Flame temperature: Adjustable up to 1600 ° C
- Ignition: Manual
- Gas pressure / flame size: Adjustable
- Required gas type: Propane and / or butane
- Material Lance: Chrome-plated
- Material Handle: Plastic
- Material burner head: Chromed
- Length: 89 cm.
- Burner weight: 740 grams
- Gas hose weight: 620 grams

Provided with:
- Piezo ignition: No
- Ergonomic handle: Yes
- Control valve to make flame bigger and smaller: Yes
- Energy-saving lever: Yes
- Bucket: Yes
- Burner head with a diameter of 6.5 cm.

Comes with:
- Pressure regulator: No, click here
- Gas hose: Yes, PROFFESSIONAL 5 meters
- Instructions
- 2 year warranty

Required gas bottle:
This weed burner must be connected to a large gas cylinder. These are available at manned filling stations, among other things.
Which gas cylinder do I need and how do I connect it? For information click HERE .

Brand CFH
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